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The Deeside Way

Aberdeen to Peterculter

A 10.4km (6.5 mile) section in Aberdeen City following the line of the old Deeside Railway.

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Route start at gates of Duthie park The Deeside Way can be walked in either an East to West direction of West to East. For the purposes of this website the direction is from East to West starting from Duthie Park in Aberdeen. Duthie Park is almost due south of the city centre and it runs on the south bank of the River Dee.

The Deeside Way starts form the north east corner of the park but it is well worth allowing time to explore and walk around this city park before setting off on the Way.

Old Deeside line plaque Just outside north east gate on Polmuir Road there is the first way maker and interpretive board related to the Deeside Way. This is at the point where the Old Deeside Railway passed and the Duthie Park station was close to the park gates.

Walking west from Duthie Park Station The Way makes use of the track bed of the old railway line and heads west between the park boundary and housing on Murray Terrace and after crossing under Great Southern Road, the houses of Gairn Terrace.

This section of the Way, as indeed all sections of the Way within the City boundary is heavily used by both walkers and cyclists, some using if for dog walking and some for getting to and from work.

Bridge crossing over Holborn Road Shortly after passing under Great Southern Road the walker comes across a new bridge structure, this giving uninterrupted passage over Holburn Street. The Way continues with housing to left and right as it passes under the busy Anderson Drive ring road before entering the Garthdee are of the city.

The Way is now beginning to open out and there is the start of a few inclines as the route passes to the south of the A93 Deeside Road and the north of the River Dee.

Cults Station The walk continues to open out and the housing is now predominantly only now in the north side and the houses tend to become large and more affluent as the route heads towards Cults.

As the Way head west there are indications ever few miles of another now disused station building and platform. At these point there tend to be further display boards and finger posts point directions both along the Deeside Way and also into the adjoining community.

Golf course at Bieldside The River Dee is at this point of the route always to the south however due to its meandering course if can at time be some distance away. On the lower land beside the river the walker will pass by fields and golf courses, but there are few houses on this side.

Redundant stations are passed at Bieldside, Milton of Murtle, and then on to Milltimber. Sections of the Way are now with open countryside on both sides of the trail and here the path tends to become less heavily used as a commuter path and tends to be used for recreactional and exercising purposes.

River at Milltimber The trail comes to a road crossing at Milltimber (B979), this can be a busy road so care is needed at this point. There is now a short section that takes the route to the station at Peterculter. The trail is now entering a fairly narrow strip between the back gardens of the Peterculter houses and the River Dee that is close to the south side of the track.

Peterculter The section of the Way stops outside the St Peterís Heritage Centre adjacent to the station and at the foot of Station Brae and Station Road. This houses a variety of exhibits and collections which tell visitors about the local area, popular exhibits being the "Village Shop" and our "But and Ben" showing life in a former age.

Peterculter has a good selection of accommodation and eating establishments if this is going to be a stopping point.
There are also frequent buses from here back into Aberdeen.

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