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The Whithorn Way

in the steps of Saints, Monks & Monarchs

Glasgow to Whithorn

A 149 mile (239 km) long distance trail to Whithorn that has been walked over the centuries
by countless pilgrims.

2021 New Year Message

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In modern times there has been a growth of walking as a leisure activity and for many it additionally offers the surroundings and time for spiritual reflection. This may take the form of a very structured pilgrimage, reflecting on the growth of Christianity over the centuries in this area or it may be simply a time to reflect on both the surroundings and the stories of Saints, Monks and Monarch who walked this countryside since the time of St. Ninian.

Following the Paisley Abbey 850 Anniversary and their successful Pilgrimage Walk to Whithorn there has been a desire to leave a lasting legacy. Alongside this specific desire there has been a National interest in the re-establishment of pilgrim routes and these parallel interests have combined in the formation of the Whithorn Way Steering Group.

The Objective of the Steering Group
“A group of interested parties developing a trail from Glasgow to Whithorn, following in the footsteps of pilgrims over the centuries, to stimulate environmental, economic and social regeneration of local communities along the route.”

Behind the Objectives there is a programme of work and development which will hopefully result in this trail becoming a well recognised and walked route that attracts persons from both home and abroad and which will ultimately be awarded "Scottish Great Trail Status". The first target which has now been achieved was to see this website having enough supporting data to promote and enable walkers to enjoy the same experience that the pilgrims from Paisley had during their 850 guided walks. In the longer term we want to work with all the communities along the trail to maximise the services available to the walkers and to stimulate local business opportunities.

The website is subject to gradual expansion as the Steering Group work develops. This development being with regard to detailing the story behind the significance of this route as a Pilgrimage Way, and giving details on the founding Steering Group Members and their programme of work. There will also be, but in a longer time frame, several sections that are specifically established to assist the walker to plan their walk and gain access to local support business, be they accommodation provider, eating and refreshment providers or those offering transport assistance.

While this site is in its development stage, any information or comments should be made by e-mailing to

The Terms, Conditions & Walker's Responsibilities associated with this website can be accessed by clicking here.

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