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The work of the Whithorn Way Steering Group has been achieved through the voluntary work of all of its members and with some kind donations from within the group's membership to fund professional inputs and purchase some limited promotional material.
With individuals and now group starting to walk sections if not all of the route we are keen that if they are so inclined they can make a donation to the further and ongoing work of this steering group as they work to enhance and refine that pilgrimage / walking experience.
Via the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum - (SPRF) the steering group has been able to establish a "restricted fund" within this charitable organisation thereby guaranteeing that any money received from this site by donation or purchase of directional instructions will be solely for the use of ongoning development and promotional work for the Whithorn Way.


To make a donation to the work of the Whithorn Way Steering Group, however large or small, simply click on the "Donate Button" below and follow the secure website links. You can make donations via any debit or credit card of from a PayPal account if you have one.

Do remember that the donation page will have SPRF at the very top but the Whithorn Way Steering Group in the donate box, and all funds will be guaranteed as restricted funds for this purpose when received.

Purchase of Directional Instructions

There are 12 sections of the walk between Glasgow St Mungo's Cathedral and the Priory in Whithorn. In addition there is a further section that takes in a days walk from the Priory to St Ninian's Cave and the Isle of Whithorn.
All section of the route have walking instructions which can be purchased as a pdf document and sent by e-mail to the purchaser's inbox.
These instruction are based on key route points defined by grid reference numbers that can be plotted on a map or transferred to a GPS navigational tool. Against each point there are clear instructions on the direction to take, the junction to follow etc. so that even without a fully waymarked route the walker / pilgrim should be able to follow this Way. An example of the route instructions is shown below.

For a very nominal sum we are selling the sectional instruction in sets of 3 or it is possible at discounted rates to purchase 2 or 4 sets at one time. With the full set the additional "Walk around Whithorn" - St Ninian's Cave and the Isle of Whithorn is included free of charge.

1,2 & 34,5,& 67,8,& 910,11,& 12Purchase Price





10, 11, 12 & Walk around Whithorn6



Do remember that the Buy Now page will have SPRF at the very top but the Whithorn Way Route Direction details will appear next to the purchase price. All funds will be guaranteed as restricted funds for the work of the Whithorn Way Steering Group when received.

On completion of the "Buy Now" process PayPal sends an e-mail instruction to a member of the Whithorn Way Steering Group who then, knowing the e-mail address of the purchaser, will then send by e-mail the PDF attachments that relate to the purchase. This is not an instant response and can on a few occasions take up to 3 to 4 working days to be received.

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