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New Luce to Mochrum

Map 11

This section of the route is 21 miles in length and it starts from New Luce passing Glenluce Abbey before crossing into the Machars and heading south to Mochrum. This is a very long section and walkers may want to split this with the prior section from Barrhill to New Luce into three with breaks at New Luce, Milton and Mochrum. Alternatively section 10 could be extended to Glenluce Abbey with section 11 starting from the Abbey and ending in Mochrum giving walking distances of almost equal lenght at 17 miles per day.

Places or items of interest on this section are Glenluce Abbey, Crannog at Whitefield Loch, Old Place of Mochrum and Elrig Chapel.

Glenluce Abbey
Whitefield Loch
Mochrum Lochs

Glenluce Abbey

Whitefield Loch

Mochrum Lochs

This section has been walked by members of the Steering Group and follows extensive sections of the previously waymarked “Way to Whithorn”. For directional details simply click on this link and download instructions based on walking from New Luce to Mochrum. These directional instructions are based on key points along the route which are defined using grid reference numbers. The relevant Ordnance Survey map relating to this section are Explorer Nos.310 & 311.

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