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Fife Pilgrim Pastorate

Since 2020, SPRF has championed the concept of Pilgrim Pastors on Scottish pilgrim routes in partnership with the Scottish Churches. This is based on close contacts that we have developed with the Lutheran Churches in Scandinavia and Germany, where part-time pilgrim pastors within the clergy provide spiritual outreach to people of all backgrounds using specific pilgrimage walking routes, which in effect become their ‘church’. A major ‘Pilger Messe’ symposium is held each year in Hamburg to celebrate their work, which SPRF attends. 

Rev Duncan Weaver, Scotland’s (and the UK’s) first Pilgrim Pastor was jointly commissioned on St Andrew’s Day 2022 in Ceres Church by leading local representatives of the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Duncan’s ‘parish’ is the 64 mile-long Fife Pilgrim Way route. You can read the 2023 summary report of his first year in post in the SPRF Members' Area.  

The Fife Pilgrim Pastorate, directed by a Steering Group of stakeholder churches which is serviced by SPRF, has introduced the Fife Pilgrim Way to a diverse range of people from different local groups and church congregations on an entirely ecumenical basis. Duncan has personally co-authored a new walking guide to the route, and he regularly leads walks on specific sections.  

Other Scottish pilgrim routes are interested in following the example of the Fife Pilgrim Way and SPRF hopes that the FPP will become a permanent feature of this route.  

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