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Launched by SPRF in 2020, the accreditation scheme aims to clarify what distinguishes a pilgrim route from other long distance walking routes. It also provides the pilgrim walker or cyclist with an indication of the current status of a specific pilgrim route. This scheme is unique to Scotland.

Our SPW policy statement sets out the underlying rationale that underpins accreditation and the definition of the Gold, Silver and Bronze level standards that are central to it – please see the policy statement below. 

The basic threshold for application is that a pilgrim route (1) has a dedicated volunteer Steering Group, (2) has some degree of historic association with religious pilgrimage, and (3) physically exists as a walkable route on the ground – i.e. it is not simply a line on a map. 

Accreditation is achieved by written application to the SPRF Secretary, followed by an assessment process on the ground carried out by one or more SPRF Trustees, including meetings with Steering Group members and local partners, and a decision taken by the SPRF Board.  A certificate is presented to the successful applicant Steering Group.  Accreditation is awarded for a 5 year period, when it is then subject to review by SPRF Trustees. 

The following routes are currently accredited:

  • Gold: St Magnus Way

  • Silver: Forth to Farne Way

  • Bronze: Cowal Pilgrimage; Northern Pilgrims’ Way.

The Scottish Pilgrim Ways™ brand logo is trademarked and owned by SPRF and can only be used by third parties with written consent.

We aim to see all Scottish pilgrim routes currently recognised by SPRF become SPW accredited. 

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