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Individual Membership

Individual membership of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum typically involves joining as an individual interested in supporting pilgrimage routes throughout Scotland. Membership benefits include access to resources, networking opportunities, participation in events or discussions, and potentially contributing to the development or maintenance of pilgrimage routes in your area.

Applying for Individual Membership

If you would like to apply for individual membership of the SPRF, please fill in the form below. Payment can be made either electronically or by cheque. If you require any help and advice during the application, please feel free to contact the SPRF Secretary at, who will be happy to offer advice about the process.

Stage 1: Application Form

Please complete and submit the application form below, where it will be processed by the SPRF team. If you have any enquiries about this stage of the application process, please contact the SPRF Secretary at

SPRF Individual Membership Application
Please tick the boxes below to indicate your consent:
Allocation to a Scottish Pilgrim Route Steering Group

I authorise the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum SCIO to allocate the following amount (up to £10) per annum from my annual subscription to support the work of a Steering Group for the route stated below until I advise otherwise.

Thanks for applying for membership! We'll get back to you soon.

Stage 2: Providing Payment

Please fill in and submit the following GoCardless Direct Debit form to provide payment for your annual membership fee. Alternatively, a downloadable and printable form is available if you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer. If you have any enquiries about this stage of the application process, please contact the SPRF Treasurer at

If you would prefer to pay your membership fee by cheque or bank transfer, please download our latest SPRF Individual Membership Application Form, print and complete it, and send it by post to the following address:

The Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum
23 King Street



FK16 6DN


If you would like to make a donation to the work of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum to accompany your membership application, please visit our Donations page for information.

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