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Welcome to the website of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum. I’m delighted that you’ve navigated your way here but will be even more delighted if our site encourages you to lace up you boots and find your way to one of the many routes that you’ll find listed.

Interest in pilgrimage continues to grow with people from various faith backgrounds and none discovering the enrichment that comes from following the ancient paths and in so doing, discovering new things about themselves. There’s nothing quite like the combination of purposeful route walking, closeness to nature and spiritual engagement to quicken the spirit.

SPRF rejoices to support the development of such routes across Scotland. Each route is developed and overseen by a local Steering Group and you’ll find links to each one here. Why not explore the options available and begin planning your next journey? Or why not get involved in your nearest steering group and play your part in further development work.

The Forum is particularly pleased to highlight two of its initiatives that are aimed at supporting and encouraging the development of Scottish Pilgrim Ways™: The John Henderson Memorial Award and the Scottish Pilgrim Ways™ Accreditation Scheme. The former has been set up in memory of our distinguished first treasurer and will be awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of a pilgrim route in Scotland either before or after its accreditation as a Scottish Pilgrim Route. 
Our Scottish Pilgrim Routes Accreditation Scheme encourages local volunteer Steering Groups to continue developing their routes to the highest standard at the same time as giving walkers an indication of what facilities they might expect to find along the way. The first award, a Silver one, was awarded to the Forth to Farne Way in September. More applications are currently under consideration.  You can find out more about the John Henderson Memorial Award and the Accreditation Scheme by following the appropriate links.
Over time there will be more to explore and discover about the growing network of Pilgrim Routes across Scotland and the work of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum to promote and support its development.

For now, enjoy the new site and enjoy the routes.

It begins by putting one foot in front of the other.

The Very Reverend Dr Martin Fair

Chair, Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum

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