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SPRF Diagram.drawio.png

The Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum: Working Together for You

The Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum operates as a collaborative network, bringing together diverse stakeholders with a shared interest in promoting pilgrimage routes, fostering cultural heritage, and enhancing the visitor experience in Scotland.

As the above diagram suggests, our Board of Trustees is the decision-making body responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of the forum. It comprises key leaders and stakeholders from various sectors involved in pilgrimage, and is headed by our Chair. The Board reports back to our membership and collaboration partners.

The forum consists of a broader membership base, including individuals, organisations, and communities interested in promoting and preserving Scottish pilgrimage routes. Members may participate in discussions, provide input on initiatives, and contribute resources to support the forum's objectives.

Pilgrim Way Steering Groups are specialised volunteer groups formed to focus on specific areas of interest or projects. Examples may include committees dedicated to route development, marketing and promotion, fundraising, or research and education.

SPRF also works with member consultants; an advisory group composed of experts and experienced individuals who offer guidance and expertise on specific issues or challenges facing pilgrimage routes in Scotland. The forum also collaborates with various stakeholders, such as local authorities, heritage organisations, tourism agencies, religious institutions, and community groups, to leverage resources and expertise in advancing its goals.

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